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Socialist Workers Bulletin, Issue 004, Sep. 12-26, 2011

EDITORIAL: FIGHT PRIVATIZATION & DEREGULATION!! NLC FIGHTS PRIVATISATION Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress will on September 22 organise a national anti-privatisation rally in Abuja. This is a welcome development which Socialist Workers League fully supports. Privatisation has done more harm than good for the Nigerian economy and working people, and has to be … Continue reading

Socialist Workers Bulletin, Issue 003, Aug. 29-Sep. 12, 2011

EDITORIAL: INSECURITY OF LIVES & LIVELIHOODS!! BOMB BLASTS & INSECURITY The bombing of the UN House deepens Nigerians’ apprehension that President Jonathan’s administration is incapable of providing security. This inability is characteristic of the ruling elite in Nigeria, from independence to date. General insecurity took a turn for the worse after the civil war with … Continue reading