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Socialist Youth! Issue 001, Nov. 2011

Workers & Youths! UNITE & FIGHT!! REVOLUTION IN THE AIR! We are living through historic times. In the course of the past year, massquakes of working people and youths have erupted with vengeance in virtually all continents on the planet, leading to victorious revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. These have been in the wake … Continue reading

SWL Solidarity message to NYL

Solidarity message to Nigerian Youth League on the occasion of its 1st Public Seminar, with the theme: “Next Generation Nigeria”, held on Saturday November 5, 2011 at the Ikeja Business Club Hall, 50 Hakeem Balogun St. (Opp. The New Afrika Shrine), Agidingbi/Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State, submitted by Baba Aye, National Chairperson, SWL   The Socialist … Continue reading

SWB Issue 007 (Oct. 31-Nov.13, 2011)

EDITORIAL ILO: rising unemployment and social crisis The International Labour Organisation recently pointed out that social upheaval across the world will deepen due to rising unemployment. This position is in its “World of Work Report 2011”, ironically titled “Making markets work for jobs”. Raymond Torres, Director of the ILO International Institute of Labour Studies described … Continue reading