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On 19 February 2011, 45 people were arrested at a meeting where a video on the uprisings in Egypt was being shown. They were later reduced to six leading activists and charged with “conspiracy to commit public violence.  The Zim 6 have avoided going to jail but they are to pay fines of $500 each or risk a 10-month prison sentence.

So the comrades are desperately in need of financial assistance to pay the fines and their legal and other costs.


We call on civil society organisations, human and labour rights movements, trade unions, students unions, women organisations, etc to raise donations and pay directly into the following account:

Account name: Zimbabwe Labour Centre
Banker: BancABC Botswana
Account type: Business Call account
Account Number: 1039427810201
Swift Code: FMBZGWVA


On February 19, 2011, 45 people were arrested from a meeting where a video on the uprisings in Egypt was being shown. They were later reduced to the following 6 leading activists: Law lecturer Munyaradzi Gwisai (44), anti-debt campaigner Hopewell Gumbo (32), Zimbabwe Labour Centre director Ms Antoneta Choto (36), student leader Welcome Zimuto (25), and social activists Eddson Chakuma (38) and Tatenda Mombeyarara (29). All six were severely tortured while in police custody, and spent some 27 days in jail before being released on stringent bail conditions, having been charged with “conspiracy to commit public violence,” in contravention of section 188 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act. The entire case, which is clearly politically motivated, has been characterised by hysteria, insinuation, and guilt-by-association.

On March 20, 2012, the six were convicted on the charge of “conspiracy to commit public violence” by Harare Regional Magistrate Kudakwashe Jarabini, who ruled that “the way in which” these six watched the video showed intent to engage in similar uprisings in Zimbabwe. The Zim 6 have been fined and ordered to undertake community service.
Please telephone, send protest sms and emails to representatives of the Zimbabwean government all over the world to demand that the conviction of the Zim 6 be overturned and that they be compensated.
More information including sample text and contacts here:

Sample Email Text:

We condemn the conviction of six pro-democracy activists in Zimbabwe for watching a video of the Arab spring. For this ‘crime’ Munyaradzi Gwisai, Tafadzwa Choto, Tatenda Mombeyarara, Edson Chakuma, Hopewell Gumbo and Welcome Zimuto .

I am outraged at the conviction of the Zim6 – Munyaradzi Gwisai, Antonator Choto, Edison Chakuma, Welcome Zimuto, Hopewell Gumbo and Tatenda Mombeyarara on trumped-up charges. I demand this outrageous, politically motivated conviction be overturned, and that they be compensated for the hardship and suffering they have endured. I call on the government of Zimbabwe to respect the fundamental human rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Sample SMS:

I am outraged at the conviction yesterday of the Zim6. I demand this politically motivated conviction be overturned, and they be released and compensated.

Sample Tweet:

Illegal to watch TV? Outrageous! #Zim6 sentencing 2:15 today Take action here http://is.gd/REk0Kh

Send sms and emails to:

Kembo Mohadi, Home Affairs: +263 712 605 424 (mobile)
Didymus Mutasa, State Sec: +263 712 200 532 (mobile)
Wayne Bvudzijena, Police Spokesperson: +263 712 801 172 (mobile)
Augustine Chihuri, Police Commissioner: +263 712 808 290 (mobile)
Secretary for Justice: +263 4 774 560 or +263 4 774 620 (landline)

South Africa
Zimbabwe Embassy

Zimbabwe Consulate

Embassy of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Embassy

Zimbabwe Embassy

Zimbabwe Consulate
Email: zimbabwe@dynamite.com.au

Embassy of Zimbabwe
1608 New Hampshire Ave
Washington , DC 20009
Phone: 202-332-7100
Fax: 202-483-9326
E-Mail: info33@zimbabwe-embassy.us
E-Mail: zimbabweembassy@mail.com

Minister Counselor and Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM)
Mr. Gideon Gumisai Gapare

Counselor (Political, Economic and Consular Services)
Mr. R. Matsika

Counselor (Political)
Mr. Whatmore Goora

Defence Attache
Lt. Col. George Chinoingira

Second Secretary (Administrative)
Ms. Abigal Nyamapfeni

Third Secretary
Mr. Luke Mukupe

Zimbabwe Consulate, NYC

Consulate of Zimbabwe in Abuja , Nigeria

Contact Infomation

Plot 2908, Caclastral Zone A6

Maitama District

P.O.Box 8214 Wuse

Abuja, Nigeria

City: Abuja

Phone: (+234-9) 4137996 / 4133624 / 4132264 / 5237996

Fax: +234-9-4137644


For press coverage, see:

For more information see:


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