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Stop the rot in Police Colleges; FOR A POLICE TRADE UNION NOW!

rank & file police; suffering & smiling for the bosses

rank & file police; suffering & smiling for the bosses

President Goodluck Jonathan is angry with the media for broadcasting the sorry state of the police college ikeja, and not necessarily with the abysmal state of the college itself. this is very typical of the ruling elite in Nigeria….chasing shadows while the substance is left intact. of course none of their own children would ever attend any police college…even if they choose to be police, they will enter as senior officers. it is the children of poor working people who can find no other means of livelihood that end up as ranks in the police force, passing through such messy schools as PCI.

The police institution is a major coercive apparatus of the state, but these suffering junior policemen and women are themselves working people, children of some of the poorest of workers, peasants and the urban poor. to be able to defend themselves adequately from their employer….our collective oppressor; the bosses and political elite.

Eleven years back, a generation of policemen and women realised this. they formed a union -even though this was deemed illegal by the government- and led a battle for increased wages. they won the battle but dozens of them were subsequently killed secretly. this has made police men and women to be scared for their lives subsequently. but this is the time for activists to demand the right of police men and women to organise as a trade union, for them in several other countries, police officers and prison warders have their trade unions. popcru for example is one of the most powerful unions in South Africa.

We say enough is enough! stop the haunting lives being forced on police rank and file while the officers, just like the bosses and elite they serve live the best of lives; FOR A POLICE MEN AND WOMEN TRADE UNION NOW!

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a bi-weekly publication of the Socialist Workers League, in the traditions of International Socialism. we stand for revolution from below! and our call is: workers & youths! unite & fight!


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