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Abuja Workers Bulletin: Nov. 12-25, 2014

NO TO AUSTERITY MEASURES! WORKING PEOPLE MUST RESIST THE BOSSES’ ATTEMPT TO MAKE US PAY FOR THEIR CRISIS!! The terrible living conditions of workers are about to be worsened, if we do not vehemently resist, as the Federal Government is set to implement austerity measures. According to Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Coordinating Minister of the … Continue reading

Burkina Faso: a Revolutionary Opening in sub-Saharan Africa?

On Friday 31st October, Blaise Compaoré, was forced to abdicate as President of Burkina Faso, after 27 years in the saddle. His attempt to further extend his stay in office by amending Article 37 of the constitution, triggered a tumultuous movement of the working people, which his declaration of a state of emergency could not … Continue reading

Abuja Workers Bulletin: Oct. 29-Nov. 11, 2014

REVOLUTION IN BURKINA FASO!                                                       * NEITHER THE ARMY NOR THE PARLIAMENT REPRESENT THE PEOPLE! WE SUPPORTT THE WORKERS! 27 years and16 days after he murdered Thomas Sankara and took … Continue reading