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AWB: Nov. 26-Dec 9, 2014

IMPUNITY REIGNS IN NIGERIA  “RULE OF LAW” IS FOR THE ELITES’ DOMINATION OF THE POOR, AND WORKING PEOPLE Action, as an old saying goes, speaks much louder than words. Despite the verbal commitment of the federal and states governments in Nigeria to the rule of law, impunity remains the order of the day. This utter … Continue reading


by Adams Murphy Editor, SYL OAU “When we see evil and do nothing against it, it will surely harm us.” The devil came drumming some days ago, and the OAU community danced and danced. It’s Obnoxious to mention that the OAU we used to know is no more and the new one is fast becoming … Continue reading

Socialist Worker; Oct.-Nov., 2014

“MUTINY” Say No!…to Death Sentences Eighteen  soldiers  were  recently  charged  with  mutiny  for protests  related to  the war  against  Boko Haram.   A  dozen were subsequently convicted and sentenced to death by the military court-martial sitting on 15 September 2014. On  14th  May  2014,  the  soldiers  protested  against  the avoidable deaths of their colleagues at … Continue reading