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by Adams Murphy
Editor, SYL OAU

“When we see evil and do nothing against it, it will surely harm us.”

The devil came drumming some days ago, and the OAU community danced and danced. It’s Obnoxious to mention that the OAU we used to know is no more and the new one is fast becoming a haven of cultist and unscrupulous elements. What happened on Sunday (30th November) was a reflection of the above statements, and it wasn’t moments of smiles or mirth at all. The ERC Osun Axis had just finished an aggregate meeting at the OAU SUB when some of the Students’ Union President’s hoodlums led by Teddy, a self-acclaimed CSO of the Students’ Union President, and Bamidele, the SU PRO, came to lynch the attendees. These innocent students were beaten blue and black, almost to stupor before conscious students that were passing-by intervened and got two of them, Teddy and Oye (the OAU SU Fin Sec) held-up to taste of the fury of students at the scene before they were bought to Awolowo café for the final dose of their punishment.

While this was happening on campus, some of the Ever Vigilant comrades, who since the inception of this present regime have become the main target of attacks and blackmails by these same thugs, were attacked on their way to school from Aserifa, a street close to campus gate where they went to hunt the other culprits of the SUB mischievous deed. Unknowing to them, the SU CSO, Ayinla, and some others like Akuma, and Easy that escaped from the SUB scene had mobilized cult members to lay ambush on their way. They were seriously wounded and brutalized with machetes and other weapons before other comrades (who got to know through a phone call from an escapee) got to the scene to salvage the situation. Two of the cultist were captured and brought back to campus for proper and due justice.

This act was obviously retaliation to the catcall they (The SU Presidents Cohorts) got alongside the Country’s President, Goodluck Jonathan, when he came with other rotten-minded and ill-fated P.D.P chieftains to disrupt Students Exams on the 28th of November because of a so-called Unity Meeting which would rather do no good than damage more the already wounded Education and its components in the country. Let us not forget that OAU school fees was astronomically increased some months back and several protests have been held both on Campus and Outside Campus and there had been all along contemplations on extending the struggle to Abuja and other major cities, to the face of the Presidency and the National Assembly Members. Jonathan’s visit to OAU thus demands a befitting Welcome of boos and stinging satires for him and his fellow bulldogs that have almost successfully, wreck Education in the Nation. Also, the attitude of this sect of the CEC to the Jonathan Boo is evidence that they proudly support the Fee Hike and the drop-out of their fellow students that could not afford the monies. Their senseless actions gave a further credit to their gullibility and readiness to be used by the school management to terrorize fellow students without consideration of any consequence that might arise thereafter.

Early before this day, there have been series of oppressions and crimes all around campus especially by some of the members of the CEC and their cohorts. Just three days before this ERC meeting, the Financial Secretary, who had been involved in several “Slap Cases” was caught slapping a 100level student at the level of Angola hall all because the boy stood skeptical of their just-made announcement of “Sweet Deceit” promises. This same case is been tried to be covered up by this self-aggrandizing illiterates and the effect was the boiling anger on the minds of the studentry at large.

Also, some few months ago, the SU President slapped a Direct Entry student (who was in search of his friend on the Exco’s floor in the Block 8 of Awolowo hall) on a claim that the boy failed to identify himself when he (The President) asked him to do so. Perhaps we are in a season of slap and having a festival of harassment. There have been several cases of harassments in the Students ’ Union Building especially threatening and bullying of fellow students by some set of touts and even non-students.

There have been several times this same President and the Speaker of the SU/SRC brought drunks and rogues to the parliamentary sitting just to disrupt the meeting any time their wishes is been opposed by the parliamentarians and ever-conscious great Ife students.

Albert Einstein once said, this world is bad not because of the deeds of the bad people, but the silence of the good ones. If we decide to keep muted to the deeds of these hooligans, then we are only making things go worse than what and where they are, and also it would be an indication that we are crediting their deviousness.
Let’s rise to save the ‘Now’ for posterity Sake!
Amandla! Ngawethu!!

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