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Socialist Workers Bulletin, Issue 002, August 15-29, 2011

EDITORIAL: Privatization is theft! “Nationalization” of banks a fraud! Privatization is theft – David Mark The Obasanjo government said privatization would ensure economic effectiveness and contribute positively to national growth. It has now been shown to rather be a major obstacle to infrastructural development and generation of employment. It is a policy that has been … Continue reading

And mama Charlie’s land burned; class, race & riots in the UK

by Baba Aye The Chair, SWL Watching flames and smoke engulf north London over the weekend, on television, my mind went to lyrics of “the originator” of reggae toasting, U-Roy: “ah you no see say that a Babylon, burning?” In a matter of days the fires had spread across that country where modern capitalism was … Continue reading

Socialist Workers Bulletin, Issue 001, Aug., 1-14, 2011

 EDITORIAL:  Minimum wage victory; struggle continues! FG & states fear workers power! After several tricks and attempts to avoid paying the new minimum wage, the federal and state governments seem ready to pay as due, on August 2. This is because they fear workers power and want to avoid a general strike. It is however … Continue reading

Socialist Workers League apologizes to its members and comrades that might have visited this blog over the last half a year thereabouts. While we might not have been online as we should have been, the great thing is that we have moved in leaps and bounds in terms of organising on the ground! we are … Continue reading