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Repression can’t stop uprising in Syria by Ay Struggle Ogundele

Not less than 13,000 people have been killed in the last one year of a people’s revolt in Syria, while tens of thousands of Syrians have had to flee to nearby countries such as Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. There have been several views about the situation in that country. The Western countries and the United … Continue reading

towards workers’ victory in Oyo state (2nd SWL leaflet)

CAN OYO STATE GOVERNMENT PAY N 18000 NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE?   Whether the Oyo State Government can pay the National Minimum Wage of N18, 000 is a question of fact, based on the revenue sources and financial strength of the government, compared to other States. Below is the list of revenue sources and amounts Oyo … Continue reading

For a new NANS Zone D, elections postponed By Ola Rashid

     Change is the only permanent thing in life, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) which used to be a foremost democratic voice in the country degenerated over the last two years. Socialist youths and other genuine activists in the students movement have since then been battling against all odds to revive the Association’s … Continue reading


Introduction On Thursday, April 5, Oyo state public workers suspended a 2-week strike over the implementation of the National Minimum Wage Act (NMWA), for two weeks. The strike was called by rank and file workers who suspended the trade union federations’ leadership and for its 1st week was “illegal”. With the intervention of the Oyo … Continue reading

SWL leaflet in defence of Oyo state workers